The Woven Arts believe in quality craftsmanship and liveable luxury, we believe that a The Woven Arts custom rug is the foundation to an unforgettable space.

Designed with you and for you, each and every creation is handcrafted by our most experienced and skilled artisans, who take pride in weaving not only a rug but  “A piece of Art” for YOU.

Your rug is woven with LOVE, PASSION, PATIENCE, DEDICATION for Special YOU!

The Bespoke Journey


The Woven Arts rug usually begins with a piece of inspiration and whatever that may be, a swatch of your favourite upholstery or curtain fabric or images from a magazine/book, key moments of inspiration from your travel, or even a drawing or a sketch made by you or your family member we will work tirelessly to achieve the look and feel you envisage. Entirely collaborative, we help match the colours to fit with your scheme, determine the shape and size that best suits your space and select from an array of premium fibres.


We finalise and draw up the initial artwork and plan view before the sampling process begins. If required, sampling can take up to 4-6 weeks. Final artworks and samples are then presented for approvals and production on your custom rug can begin.


We will then share a quote for the rug which includes our fees for design, consultation, and sampling. Digital layouts of your design will be created where the final iteration will include a shade card for your approval on sampling/production.
Please note, we sample rugs in sizes starting from 2’x2’ all the way to 3’x5’ depending on the design’s requirement. All design and sampling work shall commence once you have deposited our token amount.
The idea here is to let you know why you are putting in all this time, effort, and money while picking out colours, design, construction etc. For instance, hand knotted rugs take longer to make and are costlier than hand tufted or handloom ones, silk is an expensive fiber compared to wool, cotton etc.


All in the preparation, our expert artisans carefully begin washing, spinning and dyeing your chosen yarn. For hand woven and hand knotted pieces, a new loom is set up each time, before the yarn is strung onto the loom. For hand tufted rugs, our artisans will stencil the chosen design onto a piece of fabric which is then stretched on a frame as per the size of the rug.


Finally, the weaving of your custom-made piece begins. Individual craftsmanship is really at the heart of this process, whereby our passionate artisans work on the from start to finish weaving your story into A piece of Art.
Congratulations! You are now free, and we will not to be troubling you anymore for anything except providing updates on production after you have given us the 50% advance for it. Rest assured, we will do our best to deliver this rug either on time or before it.


Photographs of your piece(s) along with the final invoice will be shared with you. On receiving the balance 50% pending amount, we shall dispatch your rug.
Each rug will pass through quality checks prior to being delivered. Your rug is then packed with absolute care and delivered to it’s final home.


After delivery, our team of quality control experts will visit your premises to inspect the rug on-site and conduct the following activities*
• Measuring the area where you plan on spreading the rug
• Provide full assistance during installation
• Give detailed recommendation/demonstration on how to carry out cleaning and maintenance of the rug

“The effect of a handcrafted rug in any interior is far greater than of any other single décor element”   

Tread Rugs with as much importance as paintings…….

– Adarshh Mishra


Hand knotted rugs are created by tightly knotting the yarn by hand using thousands of individual knots. The size of the knot determines the quality of the rug, with the smallest knots allowing the finest detail. This is the most traditional technique we use, it is very skilled work and takes time, patience and expertise. The structure and density of a hand made rug will withstand many years of use...


Produced by punching individual yarns through fabric backing using a hand held tufting gun. The design options are limitless due to the precision and versatility of the gun. Our experienced team have the ability to use multiple yarns and colours, switch from cut pile to loop pile or change the height of pile making this a very popular technique to produce bespoke rugs, carpets or wall hangings...


These are one of the most prominent styles of constructing a rug in today’s market if one is looking for that soft pile and smooth texture. A handloom rug is woven on a mechanically operated loom with shuttles going from one end to another carrying the yarn with it. These carpets are woven in such a fashion that the rug holds its structural integrity even if a cotton cloth backing is not applied to it...


Bespoke hand-woven rugs are becoming increasingly popular, delicately structured yet durable. Flat weaves can be handmade in a wide variety of patterns using fibres such as wool, jute, linen or polypropylene for outdoors. The designs are often geometric or linear but can also be organic. Changing the height of the pile or using multiple fibres can create unique and tactile effects...

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