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At The Woven Arts we offer a complete branding services as per your need.
Customizing brand name onto labels, backing, and tags is becoming very popular. Brands prefer to have their own logo prominently displayed as part of their design or range. We offer services for custom branding across all our verticals. We have been doing this for our clients, and it is a part of our repertoire.

Our custom-printed stripes for rugs add an elegant touch with your brand name and personalized initials on the rug’s back. These stripes seamlessly integrate into the rug’s design, enhancing its aesthetic while subtly promoting your brand. Made with precision, they elevate your rugs with sophistication and reinforce brand recognition. Our versatile branding solution ensures your rugs stand out in the market, leaving a lasting impression on customers. Elevate your brand presence with our custom-printed stripes—contact us today to learn more about this unique branding opportunity.

Fully customized branded labels for your rugs, meticulously tailored to your specifications. These labels adorn the back of each rug, showcasing your brand name and any required information with precision and style.

Seamlessly integrated into the fabric, they ensure a professional finish while reinforcing brand recognition and authenticity.

Elevate your rugs with our custom labels, making each piece a unique representation of your brand.

Let’s start your branding.

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