The Fair Arts

Of the many values The Woven Arts can be seen inculcating in its business and daily operations, the idea for such an endeavour was conceived with a social conscience being at the cornerstone of its ideals.

As the ambassadors of this spirit, our efforts have included recycling, supporting charities with all we can afford as well as attending fundraising events. In all this however, we still felt something was missing. This very realisation sparked the beginning of a wonderful journey towards our green and fair initiative, which we like to call, “The Fair Arts”. A sincere and honest effort to ensure the highest standards of green and fair-trade practices being incorporated in our business to ultimately transform the very fabric of this industry. All ethical practices are based on concepts of moral upbringing which reflects deeply in this initiative we own and drive. It is our belief that once we start a trend to treat fairly, all the living beings involved in the making and trading of our products and services – from the herds of sheep who give us wool to the weavers and factory staff who make our lives easier with their dedication and contribution right up to the designers who invest in our dreams of weaving magic into their lives, it will lead to a movement unheard of inspiring our industry peers, colleagues and competitors to join us in this fight to make our world a better place.

In line with this incredible ambition we hope to foster, using eco-friendly raw materials in production and taking care of our factory workers by providing health, medical, financial and educational support to them and their families is our way of leading by example. Not just that, we make it a habit to visit our production facilities across centres/cities/villages every month to ensure the successful implementation and monitoring of our “The Fair Arts” initiative. We can honestly share with our readers and customers that the results so far have been spectacular. The advent of technology has now made it possible to scale such efforts in great proportions over a short period of time.

This transformative step will surely get the ball rolling since we’re optimistic about its reach and impact which won’t be limited to our company, vendors, workers, customers etc. We say this with confidence as a movement of this magnitude would inspire our competition to raise the bar in every manner in order to stay relevant. The cumulative efforts of all industry players would surely have an immense pay out in the years to come as it would then create an environment where workers will demand fairer pay with benefits that would help companies build products which won’t adversely affect our planet. Fair trade practices will blossom on the backbone of green products and services within the next decade as The Woven Arts continues being a part of this tradition humbly recognising what it did to propel our world into a better future.

Some might consider us naïve for pushing the boundaries of an age-old cottage industry consisting of entities who are pre-emptively set in their ways of making rugs. To this we say, that we’re aware of what it takes in terms of time and amount of patience for bringing a change like this into our industry, however, as flag bearers of this social welfare program, we would like to look at our future generations and tell them “we did our best”.

Thank you for showing your support towards “The Fair Arts” initiative.

Note: If you wish to see our weaving centres/villages then please drop us an E-mail at to schedule your visit where we take you around the rural vicinity giving you a taste of the work that goes on behind the scenes.

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