Hand Tufted

Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand tufted rugs are constructed using a tufting gun and contain a primary as well as secondary backing. The weaver uses a design blueprint to weave the carpet and this tufting gun contains yarns of different colours that allow artisans to punch in the right colours in the corresponding areas of a design. In most cases, one can see tufted rugs with a cotton backing cloth behind which is applied using synthetic latex. This latex is created using a concoction of industrial chemicals after which the rug is spread out in the sun to ensure it dries out completely.

This backing is done to ensure that the yarn does not pop out of the rug thereby ruining the entire carpet which is what makes this process so critical and is carried out with careful supervision.

This style of rugs come with certain limitations as one cannot achieve a design that is too intricate in nature or one that contains several colours intermingling with each other at different points.



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