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Sunbeam Splatter: Hand-loomed with precision, this 100% viscose rug captures the essence of modern artistry. Splashes of sunny yellow break through the calm grey and white hues, creating an abstract design that’s both bold and balanced.”

“Vibrant tapestry:  this hand-loomed rug showcases a modern abstract design with a dynamic array of shapes and colors that add a touch of contemporary elegance to any space,” beautifully captures the essence of the 100% viscose hand-loomed rug’s design and its potential impact on interior spaces. It emphasizes both the artistic quality and the modern aesthetic of the rug.

Abstract Elegance: This handloom rug, crafted from 100% viscose, weaves together muted and vibrant hues to create a modern tapestry of abstract art. Its soft sheen and texture bring a touch of sophistication to any space.”

Oceanic Whispers: This 100% viscose handloom rug captures the serene beauty of the sea with its distressed grey and blue hues, creating an abstract pattern reminiscent of watercolor strokes. A luxurious addition that speaks of tranquility and modern elegance.”

“Vibrant Splash: A Colorful Artistry on 100% Viscose”. This rug captivates with its abstract splash design, where a kaleidoscope of red, blue, yellow, and green dances across a light grey canvas. Crafted from 100% viscose, it boasts a gentle sheen and a delightfully soft texture, perfect for adding a burst of color and sophistication to any living space.

 Abstract Elegance: A Symphony of Color and Texture in 100% Viscose”. This handloom rug, with its abstract design and vibrant interplay of blue, purple, brown, and beige hues, exudes a modern charm. The 100% viscose material lends a luxurious sheen and sumptuous feel, making it a statement piece for any contemporary space.

These are one of the most prominent styles of constructing a rug in today’s market if one is looking for that soft pile and smooth texture. A handloom rug is woven on a mechanically operated loom with shuttles going from one end to another carrying the yarn with it.

These carpets are woven in such a fashion that the rug holds its structural integrity even if a cotton cloth backing is not applied to it. This is simply due to the foundation warp and weft acting as a natural backing. On most occasions, weavers will apply two layers of this natural backing to prevent any potential damage. However, depending on the discretion of the maker, a cotton cloth can also be applied on the rug.



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