Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed some FAQs here which our customers usually ask, we’d love it if you could go through them. These have been drafted with the hope that we have been able to answer all your questions, however, if we did manage to leave something out, please don’t hesitate to send us an email on and we shall attend to you!

About the Carpets/Products:

All rugs displayed on our website have been photographed professionally to ensure we show our customers the most accurate colours possible. However, we’d like to advise all our users that while viewing colours online, a lot depends on the type, quality and age of the screen one uses to browse, and this can affect how the photos and colours are displayed on your screen.

Our rug sizes may vary as compared to the official dimensions you see on our website… This is simply due to the handmade nature of our product. Having said that, we strive to be as close to the published size as we can while simultaneously advising our customers about the minor variations.

It is normal for new rugs to shed yarn fibers for up to three months. We advise frequent vacuuming which helps pick up the loose fibers. Please ensure that you vacuum the carpet in the direction of the pile in order to successfully pull out these loose fibers as well as dust particles.

The thickness of the pile or pile height varies depending on the style of the carpet.

A fringe is the extension of warp strands. They are knotted at the ends to ensure that the wefts and the knots do not split open.

Handmade carpets are inherently imperfect as they are crafted by hand much like any other piece of art you may have seen. These innate irregularities create intrinsic value and mould a rug’s character.

These light and dark versions cannot be considered as faults in a carpet. What you see is merely an Abarash which is a Turkish word meaning partly coloured. This phenomena occurs in the yarn when it is partially dyed (light and dark sides) to create the kind of mottled effect you see.

About the Carpets/Products:

Unfortunately, we do not have a showroom, but we surely participate in exhibitions where one can view our carpets. Please sign up to receive updates on all our events etc. To fix an appointment, please call us on +91 9005778696 or write to us at

We do not maintain a catalogue as our entire inventory is accessible through our website.

Please visit the link:- Payment Now and follow the instructions as mentioned on here

About Orders

Once you place an order with us, we will e-mail you all order-related information within 24 hours.

 If you want to cancel an order, please e-mail us at Also, kindly browse this link for a better understanding – Return Policy

About Shipping & Deliveries

For detailed information please check the link below: – Shipping Delivery

For detailed information please check the link below: – Shipping Delivery

After you have placed your order and it has been packed, you will receive a confirmation email from our end informing you about the dispatch. This email will contain a web link which will allow you to track the status of your order online

Due to the nature of the product we sell, P.O. Box shipping is not a feasible approach as we cannot risk knowing whether our package was handed to the right individual or not.


Yes, you can surely return your carpet if you do not like it. For detailed information please check the links below :-  Return Policy and Terms Conditions

For detailed information please check the links: – Return Policy and Terms Conditions

If your carpet/product is damaged on arrival please contact the courier company locally and report the damage to them and then let us know immediately by contacting us either by phone +91 9899440144 or email us at – It is advisable to take photographs of the incurred damage so that you can share these which will allow us to take appropriate action on your behalf.

For detailed information please check the links: – Return Policy and Terms Conditions


Folds and creases can be remedied by simply placing something heavy (but safe) on the rug. After a few days you should notice an improvement and the rug will lay flat on the floor. Creases on a rug will gradually disappear with regular use. In case there are creases/folds around the border of your rug, then we advise getting the carpet reverse rolled i.e. rolling the rug from the back side and keeping it like that for some time and then opening the rug. This should take care of any folds/creases that occur in your carpet.

There are several ways to get rid of stains depending on what kind of stain it is. For optimal results, it’s best to deal with the stain immediately and remove as much of it as you can.

For better understanding please see the link below: – Care And Handling

We strongly advise against this as washing requires professional handling and supervision and doing so by yourself may result in damage. We recommend contacting a professional rug cleaner or service.

Please see the link below for the same:  Rugs Repair

If you have any questions or feedback related to our FAQs, please email us at