Why Custom Rugs ?

Most of the time finding a rug presents no problem. A little bit of shopping and you normally find just what you are looking for. However, at times things don't go as planned and you become very frustrated not finding what you want or need exactly. So, when should you consider for a custom-made rug?

Consider buying custom made rug if...


You are having trouble buying the correct size rug(s). Sometimes you will require an area rug that is not a size that is readily available. If this is the case, you might want to consider choosing custom rug so you get the exact size you need.


You are having trouble buying the correct colour of rug(s). If you are trying to match your colours, you might have a tough time getting a match that compliments your decor. This might be a perfect time to order a custom-made rug.


You are having problems buying the right patterned rug(s). With so many patterns available in area rugs, it's hard to imagine you couldn't find one you like. This is a good time to consider a custom-made rug. You will be able to provide the exact pattern or design you want on the rug and it will look splendid in your room.


You are having problems finding the right textured rugs. You found the perfect colour, but you can't find it in the right texture. No problem. That's an easier custom-made job than you might think.


You are having problems buying rugs in the correct material. Did you find the perfect carpet but it's only available in a synthetic; and, due to allergies, you need it in a natural fibre or wool carpet? No problem! A custom made "perfect carpet of your choice " can be built for you out of a natural fibre of your choice.


You are having problems buying the perfect shaped rugs. Looking for an unusual shape? Need a triangle, but all you can buy is an octagon. A custom-made rug can be cut to any shape you need, and patterns and designs will match up correctly.

Custom made rugs give you choices that simply are not available off the roll. That said, if you are in the market for custom rugs or carpet, please realize that these items will cost more than off the roll. How much more will depend a great deal on what your custom requirements are. However, if you just have to have that perfect rug, there is no better option than custom rugs.

Why settle for anything less, when you can CUSTOMIZE? 

“Let’s Customize your handcrafted magical RUG”!   

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