“Just like our homes, a rug should always be sparkling with life”

Disorganized or unsupervised cleaning can prove harmful which is why it is important to have your rug cleaned by an expert. Our team of specialists will handle your rug with the utmost care and caution cleaning it to restore its original condition while preventing any further damage.

Our Rug Cleaning Process


Our team of experts conduct a detailed inspection of the rug to check for any potential signs of damage which could have an adverse impact during washing. If required, we conduct repairs to restore the structural integrity of the rug and then wash it


The first step in this process involves dusting the carpet wherein the rug is held from all four ends and rapidly shaken to loosen or remove any dust particles that are either at the surface or sitting at the bottom of the rug. This activity is repeated several times before the rug is soaked in water


Fresh water is mixed with a carefully formulated solution to ensure the dyes are unharmed. Using hand brushes here allows us to preserve the delicate structure and pile of the rug

Drying & Stretching

After the solution wash, the rug is stretched out in an open area with ample sunlight to ensure that a quick and comprehensive drying has taken place


Once the sunlight has taken care of the rug’s drying, its fringes are then cleaned and restored to their original colour


We take anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks to perform this process and promise to deliver a rug that is squeaky clean, sparkling with life, free of all the allergens and dust known to man looking almost like the piece you once bought years ago

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