“A well-timed weave is all it takes to make or break a rug”

The Woven Arts recognises the artistic value you place on your rugs which is why we have such master craftsmen in attendance. With several decades of experience behind them, our team of accomplished weavers will work their magic on to your damaged pieces.

Our Rug Restoration Process



A detailed assessment of your damaged rug with special emphasis on the areas requiring delicate handling while being repaired.



Depending on the extent and nature of damage, our resident restoration experts will employ every bit of finesse there is to maintain the condition and intrinsic value of your woven artwork



After the repair work is completed, we conduct a round of finishing on your carpet like cleaning, vacuuming etc. All this struggle to ensure you enjoy its beauty and antiquity for years to come and share this glory with your family descendants



We take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks to conduct the entire process and return your rug fresh and free of the flaws you sent it with.

The rug repair and restoration process we currently undertake is for all types of Hand Knotted rugs.

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Every carpet in “The Woven Arts” is an expression or a story about its artist, their struggles, their lives, and their meaningful pursuits. Come, be a part of their journey as they re-define their artistic boundaries.