Greatness From Small Beginnings

The Woven Arts is an entity with a penchant for the centuries old woven craft which is where we come from. It reflects our origins that helped create this unique identity you all see today. It is what allows us to identify and curate a unique assortment of rugs that are authentic and distinguishable by design, a collector’s item at competitive prices.

Innovation and Diversity

We are an enterprise that guides its valued customers to experience some of the most innovative ideas and products in the handmade segment. Being an advocate for handmade goods, we passionately believe that you will always encounter diversity in everything we offer.

Creating Art Through Meaningful Collaborations

Each of these iconic master pieces are one of a kind rugs handpicked by our flooring experts made in different parts of India. This vision has turned into a reality simply by forging intimate professional relationships with designers, weavers etc. who are inextricably linked to the rug-making process.

Experience The Journey of Rug Making

When you arrive at “The Woven Arts”, you begin what we like to call an amazing voyage where we take you through the grit, the charm, the craft and the delightful essence that is a handmade rug. All this while you get to learn the nuances of how an original work of art can be more than just beautiful, but surprisingly ergonomic and affordable.

Crafting A Memorable Legacy

Our rugs bestow upon its owner, a legacy of eternal magnificence and in the years to come, a rewarding investment. Each rug of ours is brought to life with magical craftsmanship by weavers who have tirelessly worked with dedication to create something you shall reminisce for the rest of your lives.

A Spark Of Creative Nostalgia

It is what makes every carpet of ours an expression or a story about its artist, their struggles, their lives, and their meaningful pursuits. Come, be a part of their journey as they re-define their artistic boundaries.