Adarsh Mishra

The rug business comes naturally to Adarsh, for it has been an integral part of his family growing up. From an early stage, he was groomed and nurtured into becoming a ruggist imbibing skill sets that would take this journey to new destinations. The focus was always on quality more than quantity, a key aspect which helped him develop an exquisite taste and given the demand of rugs manufactured by The Woven Arts, his vision seems to be on the right path. With an experience of almost 20 years in this line of work, he has made great use of his knowledge and expertise acquired over time to make sure that The Woven Arts becomes a successful venture by fulfilling the needs of all their customers.

Adarsh hopes to create an all-encompassing entity, one that appeals to corporate clients and individuals alike. Many potential customers are put off by the notion of handmade rugs and carpets because of their luxury price tags. Through The Woven Arts, he hopes to dispel this notion by creating a space for handmade rugs in the minds of those people whose lives are touched by this brand.

With the desired enthusiasm and encouragement, Adarsh is determined to reach a phase where The Woven Arts are amongst the market leaders in the world of rugs. Going by the trends being set here, that day does not seem too far now.

Anuj Das

Rug Enthusiast
Anuj set foot in the rug industry a little over 6 years ago. His formative years were spent learning the ropes of this vast business at the hands of an industry champion i.e. his father – Mr. Girija Das. During this time, Anuj began to observe startling gaps amongst crucial entities of business – the factory and its customers. Gaps that could be filled with relative ease through technology. He hopes to give this agenda the kind of push it needs by establishing rug services through technology that synergise business for the years to come.

Intrigued by the nature of this trade, Anuj set out to leave his mark on it by using all this business acumen to curate a memorable experience for people across the world thereby giving way to The Woven Arts. Through the lens of this brand, Anuj hopes to cater to the exotic and lavish yet exclusive tastes of his customers by showcasing some of the most genuinely stunning rugs. He envisions a day where every person gets an opportunity to mould rugs in their signature style through the seamless array of services offered by The Woven Arts.

With such efforts, he ultimately foresees a future, where The Woven Arts becomes a household name through the constant expansion of its footprint enabling them to enjoy great magnitudes of success and recognition while staying true to its name.