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When it comes to rugs, we believe in serving your every need through experiences crafted exclusively for each of our customers. As part of our design consultation service, you can schedule visits with our team of professionals who will cover these aspects:
Design Consultation

Our Design Consultation Process

Aesthetic assessment

Aesthetic Assessment

A detailed overview of your favourite colours, styles, tastes, preferences etc. to determine which one of our rugs is ideally suited to serve your décor needs

Location tour

Location Tour

You will be required to take our team members around the location specifically to spaces where you wish to spread the rugs based on which they will share suggestions tailor made for your ambience



Our visit will cover this aspect depending on the budget you have allocated for your rugs. We will then create options that suit your style and address areas of your home where rugs are a priority



Our team will then finalise a day and time on which they can send your selection for a demonstration where you get to see how well our rugs complement your lovely décor



Depending on what you finalise, we either leave the rug during demonstration and take payment on hand or re-visit your selection and repeat the above process

To ensure a smooth experience, we would like you to fill the form below in detail. This will help us understand your requirements better and avoid unnecessary delays.

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For customers based out of Delhi/NCR area, these sessions will be conducted over the phone.

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