Client Reviews

From identifying intelligent spaces to making inspiring rug suggestions,
we are truly grateful to each one of our customers for choosing The Woven Arts.

Thank you for making us a part of this unbelievable experience.

Garima Mittal - Delhi

“Communicating my expectations and seeing them come through in this fashion has surely instilled a lot of faith in The Woven Arts. As an interior designer, I will now turn towards you guys for my flooring needs. Thank you! “

Client Reviews

Shikha Mishra - Mumbai

"I completely adore how lovely this rug looks in the shape we got it. Excellent work guys! Thank you so much"

Sumer Hazarika - Gurgaon

"I was skeptical about placing a rug under a dining table but credit to The Woven Arts for doing an amazing job of convincing me and executing this perfect rug"

Vidushi Sharma - Delhi

"It seems our coffee table and sofa now look more alive thanks to this amazing carpet we got from The Woven Arts. Great work you guys! Thanks a bunch!"

Neelam Singh - Delhi

"Our living room is quite big and we were not sure if this rug in that size would do the trick from a decor perspective. I am no longer in doubt all thanks to The Woven Arts for their stunning work and installation. Keep it up guys! "

Robin Tanwar - Mumbai

"Mumbai homes can be quite the decor challenge when it comes to placing carpets on the floor. The Woven Arts have outdone themselves in this department. Fabulous job guys! Big thumbs up to all of you"

Arushi Sethi - Noida

"A BIG Thank you to The Woven Arts for recommending this magnificent piece. You guys really know your rugs."