Rug Benefits

Provides warmth and comfort

Rugs are constant reminders in our lives of the warmth and comfort they signify especially in colder climates or regions by retaining warm air longer which may be a rudimentary technique for energy conservation. Carpets come with a sense of space one can relate to as somewhere you sit, work or play. A nostalgic piece of art that brings peace and happiness with it.

Soften Slips and Falls

Carpets are ideal for cushioning our blows, footsteps or minimizing injury courtesy their tender surfaces. A natural form of protection for you and your family be it toddlers or elderly people.

Reduces Noise

The technology of today has allowed us to accommodate big screen TVs, home theatre systems, speakers etc. which create unimaginable levels of noise pollution. Having a rug in a space like this works remarkably well when we talk about absorbing sound. Even when there is movement between floors of a house, a well laid carpet helps to reduce the noise.

Adds beauty and style

We cannot emphasise how much of a personal statement a rug can be. A window into your aesthetic soul which you curate from an ocean of colours and styles. A reflection of your taste and your attention to detail. It is the corner stone of your home and this rug could be anywhere between a neutral foundation or a focal point with bold patterns, textures and vibrant colours.